Fund for Teachers

Since 2004 Expeditionary Learning has partnered with Fund for Teachers (FFT), a non-profit organization that supports educators' efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement. By trusting teachers to design unique summer professional learning experiences (fellowships), FFT grants validate teachers' professionalism and leadership. Since 2001, FFT has invested $20 million in more than 5,500 teachers, transforming grants into growth for teachers and their students, 428 of those have been to EL teachers.  Applicants may receive up to $5,000 for individuals or $10,000 for team fellowships. 

The application process will open October 1, 2014. The deadline is January 29, 2015.

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Read about the 2014 Expeditionary Learning Fellows here. 

Featured 2014 FFT Alums:

Jenn Love, 
Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences, Santa Fe, NM

Venture Academy Teachers,
 Marriott-Slaterville, UT

Tapestry Charter School Teachers,
 Buffalo, NY

Megan DeRitter, Monarch Academy, Glen Burnie, MD

Scott Lammer, Prescott Elementary School, Dubuque, IA   

Featured 2013 FFT Alums:

Ellen Fracassini, Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, New York, NY

Warsaw Middle School Teachers, Pittsfield, ME

Jennifer Sunderland, Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, Fort Collins, CO

Jeffrey Dyer, Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy, Prescott, AZ


Fund For Teachers Resources

Application deadline: January 29, 2015

Fund For Teachers Calendar of events:

Teacher Portal:

Teacher Project Search: A great resource for teachers looking to see what other Fellows have done: