How We Work with Schools and Districts

Whether schools are chronically underperforming or at the top of their game, our professional development improves the practice of every teacher and leader, raising student achievement and improving critical thinking while simultaneously creating a culture of success and respect.

Setting the Conditions for Success

With the right conditions in place at the district and school levels, our approach to school improvement transforms a school’s culture. We use a Partnership Readiness Assessment to solicit baseline information about a school’s readiness for partnership and the district’s support for comprehensive change.

Strong School Leadership

We look for thoughtful and influential school leadership shared across a team. The school vision should reflect a commitment to structures and relationships that optimize student and adult learning and foster character and trust. The majority of a school’s faculty should embrace our school improvement model.

Structural and Curricular Autonomies

The school’s scheduling protocols need to be flexible enough to allow significant time for group projects, fieldwork, and presentations. In addition, our focus on deep learning mapped to “power” standards requires flexibility around the organization of curricular content.

Time for Professional Development

Our coaches work together with teachers and school leaders on targeted work plans aimed at specific curricular, instructional, and structural improvements. The principal and each faculty member participate in at least 10-15 days of professional development every year in the summer and during the school year. School coaches need frequent and ongoing access to a school’s staff to promote growth and improvement in practice and results.