Why Our Model Works

Expeditionary Learning has designed and refined an approach that engages and energizes students, teachers, and district and school leaders.

Student benefits

  • Energizes student motivation and engagement through high-level tasks and active roles in the classroom
  • Uses case studies and projects to connect students to real-world audiences and compel them to care and contribute
  • Sets clear expectations and tight follow-through for respect and responsibility, teamwork and contribution, and commitment to high-quality work
  • Builds a school culture where students feel safe, respected, and pushed to be their best selves
  • Trusts students with deep cognitive challenges and important responsibilities and prepares them to be leaders
  • Develops the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in college and beyond

Teacher benefits

  • Employs professional development that is active and immediately useful in instruction
  • Respects teachers as professionals and develops their growth as leaders
  • Catalyzes improvement in new and veteran teachers
  • Addresses standards with structures that recognize and use teacher judgment and creativity
  • Understands that the most important assessment practices occur daily in the classroom
  • Provides concrete models of strong student work and teacher work to guide practice
  • Builds a collaborative community of practice within the school, in the EL network, and beyond

District and school leader benefits

  • Builds capacity across the full range of existing teaching staff
  • Integrates structures for assessment and data-informed practice that teachers and students understand and embrace
  • Utilizes carefully articulated data analysis to guide priorities for improvement
  • Maps state standards to an engaging curriculum and active classroom instruction
  • Provides working models of effective schools and leaders as well as a network of professional support
  • Renews job satisfaction and job commitment for strong teachers
  • Engages parents, community leaders, and experts in support of student learning
  • Connects schools to community issues through project-based learning and service

A flexible model

We have transformed schools across a broad array of settings and starting points:

  • Urban, rural, and suburban schools
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • District, charter, and independent schools
  • Large and small schools
  • New and existing schools
  • High-performing schools
  • Title I schools
  • Schools with persistently low performance