Ninth grade students at Springfield Renaissance School wrote the Greenprint report as part of a learning expedition called Powering the 21st Century. The report summarizes student findings from energy audits at public schools around the City of Springfield, MA and recommends a variety of initiatives to lower the city's carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. 

This expedition gave students the knowledge base and advocacy skills to make a lasting contribution to their city. Their strong research, professional quality audits, and cost-benefit analyses convinced the mayor of Springfield to invest over $160,000 in their plan for energy conservation in four of the city's public school buildings. Within one year, the students' recommended energy conservation measures recouped over half of the city's initial investment, far exceeding the city's five-year payback requirement. The student's recommended changes are on track to begin saving the city money within two years and the mayor is poised to continue investing in their ideas in more school buildings throughout the city. 

The Springfield Renaissance School
Springfield, MA
Grade level: 
9th Grade