Revitalize Rochester

Sixth-grade students at Genesee Community Charter School in downtown Rochester were involved in an urban renewal project to re-water derelict sections of the Erie Canal that once ran through the center of the city, to create a revitalized business and community district. Combining studies of history, engineering, government and economics, students met with local officials, surveyed residents, traveled to other cities to research successful water-centered urban renewal efforts, and prepared two reports for the city. Due in large part to the research and civic advocacy of these students, Rochester is poised in 2010 to begin this urban renewal effort, a multi-million dollar commitment. Presented here are pages from the two reports written by students: one documenting their research of successful efforts in other cities, and one documenting results of their data analysis of local survey results.

Genesee Community Charter School
Rochester, NY
Grade level: 
Sixth Grade