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Expeditionary Learning and its partner schools are often featured in the press for their project-based learning, service to community, and educational innovation.

American Institute for Research Study Finds Students Attending Deeper Learning High Schools Are More Likely to Graduate On Time

First comprehensive study also finds higher probability of attending four-year colleges, better results for students on standardized assessments, stronger academic engagement and collaboration skills.

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EL Welcomes 16 New Partners to our National Network

Expeditionary Learning proudly welcomes 16 new partners to our National Network:

  • Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School - Wilmington, DE
  • UPrep – Ellen Thompson Elementary - Detroit, MI
  • UPrep High School - Detroit, MI
  • UPrep – Mark Murray Elementary - Detroit, MI
  • UPrep Middle School - Detroit, MI
  • Lake County Intermediate - Leadville, CO
  • Northglenn Middle - Northglenn, CO
  • West Park K-2 - Leadville, CO
  • Manara STEM Academy - Arlington,TX
  • Sanchez Elementary - Hartford, CT
  • Brighten Academy Charter School - Douglasville, GA
  • Franklin School of Innovation -Asheville, NC
  • Irmo Middle - Irmo, SC
  • Copper Point School -Tucson, AZ
  • Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning - Grass Valley, CA
  • Westchester Elementary School - Decatur, GA

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EL National Conference Spotlight: Bringing Engineering Into the Classroom

One of the hallmarks of Expeditionary Learning’s (EL) professional development is providing experiences that enable teachers to deepen their skills and knowledge through workshops that put them in the shoes of students.  The master classes and pre-conference sessions at our National Conference from December 7th through 9th in Boston are no exception.

On pre-conference day (December 6th), Associate Director Merredith Portsmore and Educator in Residence Daniel Wise of the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), will lead participants in a hands-on session entitled Bringing Engineering Into the Classroom: The Power of Real-World Design.

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Casco Bay High School Principal Nominated for Nellie Mae Education Foundation Award

Derek Pierce, founding principal of Casco Bay High School, has been nominated as one of six candidates for the Nellie Mae Education Foundation's 3rd Annual Larry O'Toole Award. The award is given each year to an individual or organization who has exhibited great leadership in moving student-centered approaches to learning forward in the New England region.

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Hewlett Foundation three-part series: Deeper Learning and the Common Core

The Hewlett Foundation has published a three-part series on the relationship between Deeper Learning and the Common Core State Standards. The third piece in the series, written by EL's Ron Berger, focuses on the opportunity for transformational improvement that has revealed itself in the realm of public education. 

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Expeditionary Learning Launches New Book to Help Teachers Raise the Bar in Student Scholarship and Citizenship

September 10, 2014
– As the country grapples with adopting higher academic standards in order to improve student achievement, Expeditionary Learning – an education leader with two decades of success transforming classrooms in order to achieve deeper student learning and performance – is launching a new resource for teachers, to help them leverage the higher-bar standards and engage, challenge, and inspire students with work that matters.

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GET A JOB: Collaboration is the fuel for excellence

Have you ever wondered how the concepts highlighted in EL's "Austin's Butterfly" might be applied to the workplace? Here's an interesting application, featured in a Finger Lakes Times column by Bill Kaminski

Almost every employer claims to be a great place to work. The company handbook says they’re committed to teamwork, respect, engagement and collaboration — but, three months after accepting the job, you find out they don’t walk the talk.   

Companies conduct training sessions to reinforce these values, but surveys tell us we still have a large number of disgruntled employees. Management had good intentions when it put those expectations in the handbook, but something went wrong. It just isn’t working.

Management’s typical response is to send everyone back for more training with the hope that it will stick the second time around. Has this approach worked? After struggling with this problem for decades, I think I have finally found an answer. And believe it or not, I found it a second-grade classroom that uses an innovative educational model created by Expeditionary Learning.

Read the full article here.

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Making Students Partners in Data-Driven Approaches to Learning

KQED / Mindshift features an excerpt from “Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment,” by Ron Berger, Leah Rugen, and Libby Woodfin. This excerpt is from the chapter entitled “Using Data With Students.”

Read the entire post here

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CEO Scott Hartl Named Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow

Scott Hartl, President and CEO of Expeditionary Learning – an organization with two decades of success in transforming student learning, engagement, and educational outcomes – has been named a Pahara-Aspen Fellow by the Pahara Institute, together with the Aspen Institute. The Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship program recognizes exceptional leaders whose organizations have improved public education for underserved communities.

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School lessons, for life

The following column appeared in the Boston Globe:

Bummed about summer’s end? Here’s a back-to-school story to cheer you as the warmth drains away.

Codman Academy was abuzz late Tuesday afternoon. Teachers sat in groups in the Dorchester school’s black-box theater, preparing for the new academic year. Others spruced up classrooms. A few students hung around, chatting, unable to stay away from the school, even in their last weeks of freedom.

Among the dozens preparing for the start of school were six who know the place as no one else could: They had all been students at the charter school. Now, launched into adulthood and the lives their parents had hoped for, they have chosen to come back, to pass on their lessons, and learn new ones.

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