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Expeditionary Learning and its partner schools are often featured in the press for their project-based learning, service to community, and educational innovation.

Call for Districts/Schools: Learn the Impact of Common Core-Aligned Curriculum on Classroom Effectiveness

Expeditionary Learning (EL) is conducting a groundbreaking new research project with Mathematica Policy Research to explore the impact of EL’s Common Core-aligned curriculum on middle and elementary school students nationwide. For this study, called the “Teacher Potential Project,” EL is seeking school district partners interested in measuring the impact of the new curriculum on student outcomes and teacher efficacy.

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Best High Schools: See New York’s Top 60 institutions, from the Bronx to Staten Island

In a recent report, EL Mentor School, Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, ranked among New York City's top 60 institutions. Read the full article for details on what makes this EL Mentor School stand out as a top institution. 

From schools that screen to schools that test, schools that focus on Latin and the Socratic method and schools that emphasize humanities and a changing world - see which ones made the cut.

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Pocatello Community Charter School Students Experience Expeditionary Learning

If people learn best by doing, the students at Pocatello Community Charter School are on their way to becoming little Einsteins. 

The school, whose motto "we are crew, not passengers" means teachers are called "crew leaders," is committed to taking kids out of the classroom and into situations where they will learn by doing. The faculty has embraced expeditionary learning - with emphasis on the role of "expedition" - and it isn't just a new instructional strategy. According to first and second-grade crew leader Whitney Griggs, it's a nationawide model of school reform emphasizing the breadth of knowledge that comes from studying a topic in-depth.

Read the full article here.

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A Winning Model at Tapestry Charter School

Students and faculty at Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo NY made it to the front page of The Buffalo News on Sunday.

The teaching model is nontraditional. Students are pushed to regularly reflect on their own achievements and face their shortcomings with honesty. They meet daily with a "crew" of classmates who stick together for all four years, facing the ups and downs of life as an in-house family for kids who don't always have that kind of support at home. The faculty immerses students in projects that give their learning a purpose and instill kids with the belief that they have the power through education to shape their world.

Read the entire article here

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Franklin School of Innovation Awarded Department of Education Grant

Congratulations to Asheville, North Carolina's Franklin School of Innovation, one of EL's newest partner schools, on being among 16 winners of a major Department of Education Grant!

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Report Finds ‘Deeper Learning’ Model Improves Outcomes for All Students

KQED Mindshift reports on new research conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) that found that the deeper learning model has positive learning outcomes for students, regardless of their backgrounds. 

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Transformational Literacy Online Book Club Kicks Off With Live Google Hangout

“For our students, the process of transformation is rarely a single event. Just as wilderness journeys are built of daily courage and perseverance—small steps—the academic journeys of students are built on taking on daily challenges in the class- room. For many students, literacy skills represent the greatest challenge and the most important step toward a successful future in college, career, and citizenship. Transformational Literacy is about taking on those daily challenges in the classroom.”

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National Blue Ribbon Honors For Genesee Community Charter School

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has recognized 337 schools – including the Genesee Community Charter School – as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2014 based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. These schools demonstrate that all students can achieve to high levels.

If you're interested in an in-depth look at how a National Blue Ribbon School develops learning expeditions that result in high-quality projects and strong student achievement, participate in a unique, two-day seminar at Genesee on November 5th & 6th. For more information and to register, click here.

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Casco Bay High School Principal Derek Pierce Receives Nellie Mae Award

Congratulations to Derek Pierce, Principal of Casco Bay High School, for winning Nellie Mae's 2014 Larry O'Toole Award! The award is given out each year to an individual or organization that has exhibited great leadership through innovation or courage in moving student-centered approaches to learning forward. Derek will be awarded $100,000 for Casco Bay High School (CBHS).

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American Institute for Research Study Finds Students Attending Deeper Learning High Schools Are More Likely to Graduate On Time

First comprehensive study also finds higher probability of attending four-year colleges, better results for students on standardized assessments, stronger academic engagement and collaboration skills.

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