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Illuminating Standards, Inspiring Excellence

This collection of exemplary preK–12 student project work, highlighting Deeper Learning practices, is gathered and curated through a collaboration between Expeditionary Learning and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The work comes from within and beyond the EL network. EL believes that meaningful, high-quality projects can create a new vision of scholarship and contribution to the community beyond the classroom. Such projects can be transformational for students — giving purpose to learning, clarity to standards, and a reason to strive for excellence.

Selected Works

Calculicious: Making Calculus Delicious


What Snake Am I?

Conservatory Lab Charter School

The Port Susan Restoration Project

3, 4, 5, 6
Summit Expeditionary Academy

Colorado Fish Jigsaw Puzzles

Tollgate Elementary

A Microscopic World of Wonder

5, 6
Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

Herbal Access

Casco Bay High School

You Grotto Go To Hemlock Gorge

Conservatory Lab Charter School

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